Ann Thongprasom points out how to Exercise.

           Ann Thongprasom, one of the top female stars in the industry, everyone can see that her figure is consistently good. Plus you look younger than your age. Today we will take a look. her exercise program
           How can exercise help slow down aging? Girls who want to have a beautiful figure. Plus he looks younger than his age. I have to hurry and come here. Because the top actress in the industry like Ms. Ann Thongprasom was kind enough to point out 3 easy exercise programs to help slow down aging that anyone who wants to have a hot body should start quickly.

Ann Thongprasom style exercise program

          And this is the exercise method that Ms. Ann Thongprasom recommended initially. For having a firm figure like this!

1. Walk or run

           It is a method of cardio exercise. That helps burn excess fat well. And if possible, it is recommended to walk or run 5 days a week regularly.

2. Weight training

          Ms. Ann said that as we get older, our bodies become softer. This may make you look saggy and not toned. Weight training will help make your muscles strong. Helps stimulate bone mass to become more dense. or help reduce bone loss And if the amount of muscle increases, it will cause the body to burn more energy and fat. In addition, weight training improves our movement with other types of exercise, helping to improve joint movement as well.

3. Yoga

           Yoga is a gentle way to exercise but helps stretch your muscles. Good for the body’s internal systems Helps create concentration And it can help you lose weight too.

          In addition, Ms. Ann Thongprasom also advises on food to eat for health and good shape. It is important to eat breakfast. Because it is a meal that helps add energy to the body for activities during the day. In addition, breakfast helps maintain blood sugar levels. Makes us eat more appropriately Because if you skip breakfast We might go heavy on lunch and dinner instead. Which may easily cause weight gain.

          As for dinner, try to eat light, such as a salad with little fatty meat, and don’t eat after 6:00 p.m. If you feel hungry in the evening, you can eat 2 boiled eggs (remove the yolks) which will greatly reduce your hunger.

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