Brain tumor: Brain cancer is evident from chronic headaches.

Chronic headaches, usually worse in the morning This may be a sign that we have a brain tumor. Or it could be brain cancer!


Brain tumors may seem like a rare occurrence. However, there have been cases where it has been shown that even young children can get brain cancer. Therefore, brain cancer or brain tumors are not far away at all. Especially people who often have severe headaches along with nausea and vomiting, you need to suspect your own symptoms first. In addition, try studying brain tumors or brain cancer as well.

Brain tumor. What is brain cancer?

Brain tumor. Brain Tumor in English means a tumor that occurs inside the skull. Medically, the location of brain tumors is divided into two main groups: tumors that arise from tissue in the skull. And tumors from cancer cells that spread from outside the skull, such as from breast cancer, lung cancer, or

brain tumors, what are they caused by?

The cause of brain tumors cannot be clearly determined. But the medical profession assumes that there may be the following factors involved:

1. Environmental factors

, such as having received radiation therapy (radiotherapy) as a child, exposure to toxins from chemical factories such as rubber or oil refineries. 2

. genetic factors

Some inherited diseases, such as Von Hippel-Lindau Syndrome, can also cause brain cancer. However, genetic factors are rarely found. Or it can be said that People with a family history of brain cancer also have a higher chance of developing this disease. But this does not mean that when someone in the family is sick, all relatives will be sick with brain cancer.

3. Other factors

          such as increasing age. together with the risk of cancer developing in other organs and the cancer spreading to the brain or immune deficiency, HIV infection, or having received an organ transplant. It is also one of the causes of brain tumors.
  • Brain tumor, brain cancer, who is at risk?
  •           Brain tumors can be found from childhood until the elderly. You may find tumors that vary according to each type. However, tumors and brain cancer are often found in adulthood. It is caused by the spread of cancer cells from other organs rather than by a tumor in the skull tissue itself.
  • Talking on a cell phone Is the risk of brain cancer increased?
  • It is quite controversial in academic circles. Can exposure to cell phone radiation cause brain tumors or brain cancer? With some researchers believing that Frequent and continuous use of mobile phones for a long period of time consecutively for 10 years or more may be a risk factor for tumors or cancer in the organs adjacent to telephone use. Because the side of the head that uses the phone receives energy from the wave signal which is quite strong and accumulates a lot over a long period of time. May cause bad auditory nerves. Or there is a problem with that eye. Even the development of tumors
  •           However, from studies with sample groups in many studies, until now it has not been possible to conclude that Using a cell phone can actually increase your risk of brain cancer because there is conflicting information. Still, in 2011, the World Health Organization has previously announced that waves in the radio frequency band which are the same as mobile phone signals and cell towers Including various wireless devices such as Wi-Fi are substances that may cause cancer at level 2B, meaning they can cause cancer. But it is at a very low level of possibility.
  • In conclusion, it is Although this information is still unclear. But to prevent it first We also shouldn’t use our mobile phones held up to our ears for too long. But if you need to talk on the phone for a long time, you may use the speaker. Or use headphones instead And you should turn off the device while sleeping. In order to reduce the amount of radiation that will be received.
  • Brain tumor, brain cancer, what are the symptoms?
  • – Chronic headaches.
  •           The headaches of brain tumor patients are characterized by: I have a very bad headache when I wake up. As the morning progresses, the pain subsides. Or often have a severe headache when lying down, when coughing, sneezing, or straining to pass stools. Importantly, the headaches will become more severe every day. Some people have headaches that cause them to wake up late at night. Or have a very bad headache all the time? Taking medicine doesn’t help. And has been for several weeks or months in a row.
  • – Vomiting.
  • – blurred vision, narrow visual field
  •           In the stage when the brain tumor is pressing on a specific cranial nerve. May cause patients to experience double vision, blurred vision, and narrowed vision. Can’t see to the side, causing staggering, bumping into things all over the place
  • – convulsions
  • , may have convulsions or tense only at which may be as severe as unconsciousness
  • – muscle weakness
  •           Patients will have muscle weakness in the face, arms, and legs or local numbness. along with confusion Abnormal memory
  • – sudden loss of consciousness
  • It may start with symptoms of weakness in arms and legs, slurred speech, stiff tongue, numbness of the face, and inability to urinate or defecate on your own. and finally lost consciousness
  •           However, in cases where brain cancer has spread to other organs, the patient may detect cancer cells in the brain first. Because the symptoms appear more clearly without taking into account the point at which the cancer cells started. This causes cancer treatment in the body to not be as effective as it should be. Therefore, if abnormalities are found in one’s own body Don’t be complacent. It’s better to hurry and get checked to find the cause.
  • How many stages of brain cancer are there
  • in the treatment and care of brain cancer patients? Doctors will classify patients into 3 groups of symptoms, not divided by stage like other types of cancer, which are
  • 1. Tumors/brain cancer that can be treated with surgery.
  •           2. Tumor/brain cancer. that cannot be treated with surgery
  •           3. Tumor/brain cancer group that have been treated but the disease still returns
  • brain cancer treatment


  • At present, there are 3 main treatment methods for brain tumors:
  • 1. Surgery,

    if the tumor is found to be in an area that does not pose a threat to the patient’s disability or life. Doctors often choose to surgically remove the brain tumor. or if the entire tumor cannot be removed The doctor will then remove some of the tumor (safely) to reduce its size. along with reducing the use of steroids in patients with brain swelling.
  • 2. The use of radiotherapy.
  • This method is used when the tumor occurs in a location where surgery is not possible. or not completely removed by surgery However, it is not recommended to use it to treat patients younger than 3 years old because it may cause long-term side effects.
  • 3. Chemotherapy
  •           Chemotherapy is given to patients only as a supplement to the main treatment. For example, some patients may need to use radiation therapy along with chemotherapy. In order to increase the efficiency of treatment or in the case of surgery and it is found to be malignant It may also require chemotherapy to help treat brain tumors. combined with radiation in some cases

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