excess fat How to burn? Don’t lose muscle.

excess fat The biggest enemy of having a fit and firm figure. Let’s see how to remove fat from the body without losing muscle mass.

1. Eat enough protein.

Protein is the most important nutrient that should be consumed in sufficient amounts every day. Because it plays an important role in helping maintain muscle mass. The formula for calculating protein per day is to eat 1 gram for every pound of weight (0.45 kilograms). For example, if you weigh 45 kilograms, you should eat 100 grams of protein during the time you’re looking to burn fat. It will help your body not lose muscle mass while you are burning fat. It also helps strengthen your muscles. Don’t be afraid that you will be fat. As long as you eat a little protein, you can rest assured that there won’t be any extra fat to worry about.

 2. Exercise with a bar.
          Most people have a misconception that pull-up bars or weight lifting Doesn’t help burn fat from the body So go overdo it and exercise with other methods that can burn fat. and neglecting to maintain strong muscles, despite the fact that hanging on the bar and lifting weights are exercises that will help you burn fat without losing muscle mass as well It also helps make our muscles stronger. Keeping our muscles strong while reducing excess fat will help us stay healthy. It also makes you look fit and firm.
3. Reduce the frequency and intensity of weight training.
          Although lifting weights can help burn off excess fat without losing muscle mass. But during weight loss, weight training should not be too heavy. and should reduce the frequency of weight training Because during the fat burning period The most important thing is to burn fat from the body. It’s not muscle building. If we both burn fat and build muscle by doing heavy weight training at the same time. Instead of burning off fat, you may gain muscle instead. Plus the fat is still there. Therefore, you should lift weights appropriately so that your muscle mass remains at a normal level.
         Even though it may seem a bit contrary to your feelings But eating before and after exercising will help you get rid of excess fat without losing muscle. Which is the main purpose of eating before exercising? That is, to provide energy for the body to exercise. As for eating after exercise, the purpose is to help restore energy lost during exercise.
          However, eating does not mean that you can eat anything. But you should eat only carbohydrates and protein. for carbohydrates to restore energy And protein helps strengthen and repair worn out parts in the body. There is a formula for calculating the amount of carbohydrates and protein that must be eaten as follows: Both before and after exercise, you should eat foods that contain 0.25 grams of protein and carbohydrates per 1 pound (0.45 kilograms) of your target weight.
5. Don’t reduce your caloric intake too much.
          Many people tend to use limitations. or reducing calorie intake along with exercise Which, let me tell you, is not a good thing at all. This is because when you limit your calorie intake, you will also reduce the energy you need to use for exercise. And when the body doesn’t have enough energy The body will extract energy from the muscles to use. Resulting in loss of muscle mass. and weakens the muscles as well In addition, reducing the amount of calories too little also makes the body unable to fully recover after exercising. Therefore, it is better to eat food so that the body receives adequate calories.
6. Eat a lot on exercise days – eat a little on rest days.
         During the period when people want to burn fat from the body Eating food is an indispensable thing, but if you eat the same amount every day and don’t exercise every day, It will cause us to burn more on exercise days. Therefore, so that the body can burn off fat efficiently and without being too heavy to the point of being dangerous. You should adjust the amount of food. and nutrients received per day If you exercise on days you should eat a little more to give your body the energy to exercise. And if any day is a rest day You should eat a little but in moderation so that the body can burn it all within that day. So that it doesn’t accumulate and turn into body fat.
7. Take a break from dieting for at least 1-2 weeks.
          I believe that there are probably quite a few people who use the method of losing excess fat by strictly controlling their diet. Too much of anything can have negative effects on your health. So instead of following a strict diet forever. You should allow yourself 1-2 weeks to regain your normal eating habits. So that the body can fully recover. Because controlling food for a long time may cause the body to be unable to restore and repair worn-out parts with full efficiency. But you shouldn’t frequently take breaks from dieting while losing excess fat, because you may end up worrying about the number on the scale instead of smiling because you can lose weight.
8. Reduce cardio exercise.
          Cardio exercise when you want to lose excess fat. It is something that should not be overdoed. Although it helps burn calories faster. But it will also result in loss of muscle mass. Because when you exercise too strenuously, you have to eat more to replenish energy and recover. Therefore, it is better to turn to light exercise but do it regularly. Although the results will be slower than intense exercise. But it makes the body recover faster.

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