Learn about Surf Skate, a fun activity with many health advantages.

What are the advantages of extreme sports, which are common in every sector today? And is it beneficial to health? Learn a little bit about Surf Skate.

Every industry now uses Surf Skate. makes many who would never have considered playing still want to give it a shot. People are curious about surf skate and why it seems simple to play because they have never heard of it. Additionally, the playing style is gorgeous and cool. So let’s go on now. What is surf skating, and are there any health advantages?

What is Surf Skate and how is it different from Skateboard?

It combines skateboarding with surfing. The intense sport of surfing, sometimes known as “surf,” uses a board with wheels as its primary piece of equipment. The surf skate will resemble a surfboard or a surfboard in appearance. Simply add wheels and modify the size for land travel.

If you’re wondering how surf skates and skateboards differ, you must say that they do so just barely. A surf skate’s board is not as sturdy as a skateboard’s board. because it places more emphasis on fluid movement than a skateboard does. It requires less effort to play than a skateboard. More readily than a skateboard, it can rotate 360 degrees or left to right.

How to play Surf Skate

1. Don all necessary safety gear. Including gloves, elbow pads, knee pads, and helmets to prevent any injuries.

2. Attempt to stand on the surf skate by raising your feet. Place your front feet and legs in the middle of the truck to evenly distribute your weight. or the board’s front portion The board’s end should have the back legs there.

3. Attempt to evenly distribute your weight until you can stand on one foot.

4. If you desire that the board proceed. To start the board going, first plow the ground with your back foot. After then, raise your feet gradually and set them on the board’s back. To keep things balanced, use a counterbalance. And after you have the hang of it, keep trying to practice balancing in this position.

5. Once you can maintain your balance while using the surf skate, attempt twisting and back-and-forth arm swings. choosing the direction of movement by applying force with the hips.


How is Surf Skate good for your health?


Given that it is a sport, it must offer some sort of health advantages. The following are some of Surf Skate’s health advantages:

1. It combines aerobic and strength training.
Don’t assume that surfing is an activity that only requires minimal effort. Since I’m actually exhausted and perspiration-filled. because you can tension your muscles while running. It’s similar to exercising with weights and doing cardio at the same time.

2. Promotes equilibrium

Surf skating can aid in the development of our balance abilities because it is a sport that depends on balance to facilitate movement. and facilitates learning bodily balance

3. Aids in developing the various muscles’ coordination abilities.

In addition to balancing and maintaining a firm posture while using the Surf Skate, You must use a number of muscles at once to make the Surf Skate move, including the hip, thigh, chest, shoulders, and even the arm muscles.

4. Aids in boosting confidence and personality.

utilizing the stability and fluid motion of surf skates. As a result, we naturally correct our posture. Your character will develop. and the ability to skateboard and surf Additionally, it may give you more confidence. We thought other people’s games were incredibly cool as we watched them being played.

5. Reduce tension
just having unrestricted movement. As the wind blows in your face Whether you like it or not, this just relaxes you. Additionally, surfing makes you feel fun.

6. Meet new people.

There are several health advantages of interacting with others. especially those who are physically exhausted. It’s challenging to get out and meet people when you’re uninspired, stressed out, and distracted. They shared tales with one another. Stress is forgotten as a result. You can also let go of your own sorrow.


Where to buy Surf Skate?

Surf skates can be obtained at extreme equipment stores. Or stores selling numerous forms of sports equipment or buying from online sports equipment stores. Or internet stores like Shopee and Lazada, however you should check their credibility first.

Where is a good place to play Surf Skate?

  • Now there are several areas open to surf skateboarding. For example, in the Bangkok-metropolitan area, such as
  • – Wachirabenjathat Park (Rotfai Park)
  • – Lumpini Park
  • – Sanam Luang
  • – Central shopping center front area: Central World, Central Plaza Westgate, Lat Phrao, Bangna, Salaya, Nakhon Ratchasima, Rayong, Lampang, Chiang Rai, Phitsanulok, Chonburi, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Central Festival Chiang Mai, Hat Yai, Samui, Pattaya. Beach, Central Marina, Central Phuket and Central Village
  • – Sky park BKK, 10th storey rooftop, Fortune Town
  • – Hua Mak Skate Park
  • – Indy Pinklao Market
  • – Indy Market, Kanlapaphruek
  • – Indy Market Chokchai 4
  • – Indy Daokhanong Market
  • – Watcharaphirom Park, beside Ramindra Expressway.
  • – Skateboard park KM5 Ramintra
  • – Thammasat Extreme Plaza
  • – Mali Market, Muang Thong Thani
  • – Mega Bangna, IKEA parking building area, 4th floor
  • – Seacon Square Srinakarin
  • – Asiatique

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