Lose weight according to blood type B style

          How to lose weight like a person with blood type B? Because people with blood type B are a group that eats just a little and gets fat easily. Let’s look at how to eat according to your blood type properly. and exercise that helps you lose weight quickly
          Blood type B:  Anyone who doesn’t understand their own obesity, let’s take a look at how to eat according to blood type B and how to lose weight.  First according to blood group B that is suitable for the genes that are present in it. Because basically the antigens of the blood Group B is the person who easily gets fat. Because you can eat a variety of foods and have a good digestive system Therefore, if you want to lose weight as you desire, you should study the information that we are about to share for you to read below.

Blood type B: How can you lose weight to resist the obesity gene easily?

Eat food according to blood group B

People with blood group B really have to say that they are lucky in terms of food. Because they are people with a good digestive system. Able to adapt to a variety of foods However, due to the risk of insulin resistance easily Therefore, if you eat too much food, it may easily lead to obesity.

For this reason, people with blood type B who want to lose weight for a good figure It is recommended to focus on eating all 5 food groups with variety. Emphasis on eating vegetables, fruits, and meat, emphasizing fish. lean beef Eat eggs and dairy products in moderation.


Exercise according to blood group B

          Because people with blood type B are easily fat because of their genes, therefore, exercise that is appropriate for people with blood type B should focus on energetic exercise methods. There is a lot of movement such as running, badminton, tennis, table tennis, squash, swimming, cycling, mountain climbing, body combat, etc.

          There is also advice that People with blood type B should find ways to exercise that they can do alone. Or have a partner to exercise together. But it’s not a team exercise. There must be a lot of players because people with blood type B will have stress. It’s easy to worry. Exercising in large groups can affect stress hormones. which affects the body’s energy metabolism and has an effect on weight gain as well

          However, how to lose weight according to blood type? or even eating food according to blood type There is still no clear evidence of which type actually works for each blood type, so further study is needed. So whether you are blood type B or any other blood type, if you want to lose weight, try to eat properly. Combined with regular exercise and get enough sleep It will help us control our weight to meet the criteria or as desired in a sustainable way.

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