Review of dropping 11 kilograms in a year with no exercise and only diet!

How can you lose weight if you don’t exercise? Let’s take a look at a review on how to lose weight without exercising. However, I lost up to 11 kg!


Foodies and couch potatoes who detest exercise. But deep down, I still want to make an effort to reduce weight. Let’s look at the weight loss strategy this female employs. How to shed pounds without exercise However, I dropped more than ten kg in weight. Oh my, how can you pull this off?


++ Suicide thread!! Lose 11 kilos in 1 year without exercising. But use food control methods++


Suicide thread plus! 11 kilos can be lost in a year without any exercise. However, a diet control strategy+++

Hello to everyone in Pantip. Noon is my name. We made the decision to look at our personal obesity’s role in suicide today. by shedding 11 kg in a year without doing any exercise. However, I just employ food management techniques.

Let’s first take a look at images that were taken in the same outfits before and after.

  • …On to the highlights, please. We started losing weight at the beginning of 2018, so that’s where we started. I felt overweight at that time. And we were occupied at the moment. We consequently infrequently have time to eat lunch. Occasionally, depending on how busy we are, we eat or do not. But after some time, we notice that we are eating less. We saw that our weight started to drop. Now let’s talk about a serious intention—to use busyness to our advantage. We don’t consume large meals throughout the day. We exclusively consume low-fat milk and fruits like apples, pineapples, and other berries. We only have one large meal that is substantial, which is in the evening. what foods we consume We started choosing our meals with greater care. We started eating less starch and steamed rice and concentrated on eating solely rice. We continue eating regularly despite grilling and fatty foods. The essential thing is to concentrate on cutting back on flour and pastries. It lowers when we eat almost every other day. Additionally, on days when I really want dessert. similar to pearl milk tea We’ll cut back on the quantity of food consumed during meals. so that daily caloric intake is not too high.


  • We also listened to the radio show that Mr. Mickey, Janie’s lover, aired on Channel 107. He claimed that if we could only manage our daily caloric intake. We aren’t obese. Like having cash in your pocket. If you only have 100 baht today and don’t take out any more cash. Your wallet will still contain 100 baht. If you spend 20 baht that day, you’ll still have 80 in your wallet. In actuality, it resembles calories. No matter what time you eat, it’s the same every day. We highlight Cold hands when eating But from morning till lunch, eat lightly. This is dependent on how each individual feels and acts. Even if we consume a day’s worth of low-fat or calorie foods, we still expend a lot of energy. It will remove the bodily fat that is stored there for utilization.


  • My arms, legs, and body proportions, for instance, all changed on their own. without any physical activity And it doesn’t deteriorate in any way. The skin is still normal, and it is smaller. Personally, I don’t use any cream at all.


  • Proportions and weight will gradually dwindle. In the beginning, it will move quickly. However, these days, it depends on our calorie intake and diet. After beginning to substantially reduce in January, you must expend more energy than you consume in order to reduce again.

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