Symptoms of depression that need to be treated quickly

          Depression is a psychiatric disorder that threatens people all over the world. And the illness may be so severe that it may cause thoughts of suicide. Let’s check the symptoms and how to treat them.
        Major depressive disorder is the most common psychiatric disorder. The patient is neither crazy nor a bad person. But it is someone who has an emotional illness that needs treatment. Because if you let it go The patient may have suicidal thoughts. Because there are statistics that indicate Depression patients end their lives by suicide 20 times more often than the general population.
         In Thailand, there are more and more patients with depression , and there are still many patients who do not see a doctor. Therefore, depression is an important issue that must be taken care of.
What is depression?
          Depression is a type of psychiatric disorder. That causes patients to have illnesses in the body, mind, and thoughts. These symptoms will affect their daily life. Makes you feel like you are not happy There’s only anxiety. Therefore, it m
ust be treated quickly by consulting a psychiatrist.
Depression, what are the causes?
          Depression is a psychiatric disease caused by an abnormality of a chemical in the brain called serotonin . The amount of it decreases, causing the patient to feel sick in the body, mind, and thoughts, feeling discouraged, lonely, bored, and not having fun. With life, not being able to sleep, waking up in the middle of the night Frequent nightmares Affecting the ability to work decreased
However, the causes that trigger depressive symptoms come from many factors. both from genetics development of mind and the environment that one encounters, such as experiencing heavy stress or encountering storms in life Chronically sick and depleted Experiencing loss in life, such as being separated from parents during childhood, losing loved ones, family, losing a job, financial problems Had to move house suddenly Relationships with close people are not smooth. And if you encounter those events or feelings frequently, they may trigger depression. Including biological factors such as changes in the levels of certain brain chemicals. It may also result in depression. In addition,
          And we will be too. Because it depends on whether or not the factors mentioned above are stimulating it or not. However, women tend to experience this condition 70% more often than men, and it usually begins around the age of 32.
Depression symptoms are like this
          Symptoms of depression may not be the same for each person. But most of the time it goes like this

 + having a depressed mood. (In children and teenagers it can be irritable.)

+ Significantly decreased interest or enjoyment in almost all activities

+ Significant loss or gain in weight. (weight changes more than 5 percent per month) or have anorexia or a large appetite +

insomnia or sleeping too much + restlessness, restlessness, or


+ fatigue, lack of energy

+ feeling worthless

+ decreased concentration, dizziness, or hesitation All

+ thoughts about dying, thoughts of wanting to die

          * Must have at least 1 symptom in item 1 or 2.

 * Symptoms must be present for 2 weeks or more. And these symptoms must be present almost all the time, almost every day. They don’t just come and go, they just disappear for a day or two and then come back again.  

However, in patients with severe cases, one must be very careful. Because there is a very high chance of contemplating suicide. If something affects your mind just a little From the statistics it was found that More than 60 percent of those who commit suicide also suffer from depression.

Depression alternating with abnormally good moods (Bipolar disorder)
         Another type of mood disorder is bipolar disorder. People with this type of disease will have 2 types of symptoms: depression and the opposite of depression. When having a depressive episode, the patient has symptoms similar to those of other depression. But when having the opposite symptoms of depression (manic episode), the patient is in an unusually good mood, very happy, talks a lot, and laughs. Smart, kind, wastes money There are big projects popping up in my head. Some people are aggressive and go about interfering with other people. Some people have a lot of sexual desire. Some people also have false delusions, such as thinking they are Superman coming to save the world.
          This type of depression alternating with unusually good moods requires different drug treatment than normal depression. Therefore, when encountering a patient with depression Doctors will often ask if you have ever had a period of unusually good mood. To help differentiate disease correctly
Depression Test You can evaluate it yourself.
          If you suspect that you or someone close to you may have symptoms of depression. Take a look at the following test. From the Department of Mental Health Ministry of Public Health That will help us initially diagnose whether you are suffering from depression or not. By answering the question: During the past 2 weeks, Do you have any symptoms or thoughts like this?
  •     1. Feeling depressed. (almost all day long)
  •            2. Feeling miserable to the point of wanting to cry.
  •            3. Feeling hopeless
  •            . 4. Feeling unhappy and having no fun with the things you used to like and have done
  •            . 5. Feeling disappointed in yourself. And blame what happened.
  •            6. Feeling lost in self-confidence
  •            . 7. Feeling like wanting to be alone, not wanting to associate with anyone
  •            . 8. Feeling worthless
  •            . 9. Can’t think of anything.
  •            10. Easily forgets.
  •            11. Thinks more slowly than usual.
  •            12. Slows things down, is slower than usual.
  •            13. Feels easily fatigued, like having no energy
  •            . 14. Feels anorexic. Eating less than before
  •            . 15. Sleeping and waking up, not sleeping well.
If you answer “yes” to 6 or more questions, it means you have depression. You should receive consulting services from experts. or see a doctor for treatment
          – Treat depression with medication
  •  The current main treatment is Giving medicine for depression  There are many types of antidepressant drugs. There are both types that make you sleepy and those that don’t. Antidepressants are not addictive. And patients can stop taking the medicine when it’s no longer necessary
  • . Antidepressants don’t just work to reduce anxiety. But it will really work to relieve the depressive mood. However, this type of drug will act rather slowly. You must take the medicine continuously for at least 2-3 weeks before you start to see your mood improve. And it usually takes 4-6 weeks for the drug to take full effect.
  • When cured, the patient will return to his old self. And the doctor will continue giving the medicine for at least 6 months, but in frequent cases the doctor may consider giving the medicine for longer.
  •           Antidepressants can be roughly divided into two main groups: tricyclics and newer drugs that have been synthesized more recently. The advantage of drugs in the Tricyclic group is that they have been used for treatment for so long that the side effects of each drug are well known. The efficiency is definitely confirmed. Both in acute treatment and long-term prevention and are cheap.
  •            However, the treatment efficacy of each antidepressant is not different. The difference lies in the side effects. This includes drugs in new groups as well. In choosing a drug, we consider the following factors in order.
  •            If it is a patient who has been sick and cured before Previous medical history is important. The patient usually responds to the original medicine. and the same dose that was previously used, so you should use the same amount of medicine as the first

          – Treat depression without medication

  • * Change your thoughts and overcome sadness
  • People who are sad are pessimistic. And pessimistic people easily become depressed. It is a cycle that causes depression to last for a long time. Therefore, when depressive symptoms occur Have the patient stop feeling sad for a moment and look back at what happened just now. And when that happened, what thoughts flashed in his mind? Then try to consider how correct that idea is. If you can think of how unreasonable it is, your mood will immediately improve. At least until I accidentally think of something pessimistic again. But if you think about it and feel that it is reasonable. Then think about what to do about that matter.


  • Change your behavior.


  • People who are in depression often don’t want to do anything, have no energy, sit and lie down, but their brain keeps thinking and often thinks only bad things. The more they think, the more they can’t get up. Solve it by finding something to do. Find something that you can do with wood. It doesn’t have to be an important job. You can do it in a way that makes it usable, such as organizing cluttered cabinets or drawers, taking broken things to try to fix them, wiping down the car, watering the plants, taking over the work of the servants, etc. to distract yourself. High thoughts will decrease and your mood will improve.

          – Treat depression with electricity ( ECT, Electroconvulsive Therapy)

  • In severe cases or at high risk of suicide, the doctor will provide electroconvulsive therapy. The machine sends electric current through the brain causing the patient to have convulsions. Depression will quickly disappear. (in about 1 week) Current electroconvulsive therapy is very safe. But because society receives incorrect information from various media, this type of treatment is less widely accepted. Doctors will therefore use this type of treatment only in cases where it is truly necessary.

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